Voiding Diary – How to complete

Voiding Diary is an assessment tool that allows to record how much liquid you drink, how often you urinate. And when you experience urine leakage. Voiding diary is also known as Bladder Diary or Frequency volume chart (FVC).

Instructions for Completing a 3-Day Voiding Diary

1. Complete the voiding diary for a total of 3 days. 24×3

2. On the day that you start recording events in the voiding diary. Print your name and date at the top of the diary.

How to record in the diary:

Time of day: Use one voiding diary sheet for each 24-hour period. Circle your bedtime (example, 10pm) and wake-up time (example 5am) directly in the time column. Start recording all fluid intake and urinary events starting at 6am and ending the following day at 6am. Write down the even next to the appropriate hour time slot when it occurred.

Fluid Intake: In the column marked “fluid intake”, write the total amount of fluids you drank. This could be in ml or in ounces – during a given time period.

Toilet Urination: In the column marked “toilet voids”, remember to make sure that the urinary container is in the toilet. On each time you urinate. Record the amount of urine you voided (in ml) each time you urinated in the toilet over a 24-hour period.

Tired of the manual way of doing that? Consider getting an iUFlow device. Provide your PT or Urologists with real-time bladder data.

Amount of Urine Drained via Catheter (optional). Record the amount of urine (in ounces or milliliters) that you drained using a catheter. Remark if this was a residual urine volume (example, 120 ml residual [R], or 170 ml catheter [C] void). If you do not use a catheter, leave this column blank.

Leaks: In the column marked “leaks”. Mark each time you had involuntary urine loss (even a small amount) before you made it to the toilet.

(optional) Pad Changes: In the column marked “description”, write down on each time you changed your pad. If the pad was dry, write a “D”. If the pad was wet with urine, write down whether it was a small, moderate, or a large amount.

Start a new page for each day you keep the diary. You need to keep a diary for 3 full days, though they do not need to be consecutive days.

Clinic: __________________________

Name: ______________________________

Date | TimeUrine volumeDrinks volumeLeakageUrgeDescription
Date and Time am/pmThe exact amount of pee in mLThe exact amount of intake in mL / ozDid you experience any accidental leakage?
Rank it 0-4
How strong was the urge to go? Rank it 0-4 

Diagnosis Methods

Download and print your own bladder diary PDF form using this link

How to fill out a bladder diary? Here is a helpful tool to track your bladder behavior and is used to determine on how to handle incontinence or other bladder difficulties. Complete a 72-hour BD before your PT, gynecologist or urologist appointment.

This bladder diary form is printable and free to use.

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iUFlow starter guide

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