• Automatic Voiding Diary

    Automatically measures urination and emails to healthcare provider

  • Clean and Easy

    No direct handling of urine. There is no need to touch or wash a container. There is no need to write down urination volume. An easy to use app does it for you!

  • Saves Time and Money

    Increases compliance, reduces office visit time, reducing repeating visits!

  • On your Patients iPhone

    Available on the patient’s smart phone or tablet. Both Android and iOS

  • Accurate

    Accurate readings, less missing data points, promotes compliance.

  • Easy to Use

    Always there (day and night). No need to: wash, empty, write.

“iUFlow designed by Urologists for Urologists and their patients”



Kesem Health Pty Ltd Quality Policy Statement: 
Achieve customer satisfaction for KH’s iUFlow uroflowmetry products, via establishment, implementation and maintenance of an effective and efficient quality management system that consistently complies with the applicable requirements.

Kesem Health is focused on the development and delivery to market of the iUFlow, a novel device that enables semi-automated data capture of patient urinary activities and addresses a growing market need for early accurate diagnosis of urological conditions. The iUFlow is a home urination activity health solution that promotes early, efficient, accurate diagnosis and monitoring of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms.