iUFlow Uroflow and iUFlow Bladder Diary app

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Remote Bladder Monitoring improves diagnosis and treatment

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iUFlow Uroflow PRO device

Reliably measures urination frequency, flow, and volume

Wireless measuring to improve patient compliance

Comprehensive data and reports for physicians

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What is iUFlow Uroflow? Why should I use it?




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“I have been suffering from repeat UTIs. Therefore, the doctor wanted me to monitor my urination frequency. So far, it has been simply and easy to use. Likewise, the data chart is great. The bladder app is a super organized, and clean way to keep track of your bodily functions.”

Mark Schrader on Urine Flow test at home

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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What is the iUFlow Uroflow?

iUFlow Uroflow is a connected health platform. In short, it assists physicians with the accurate diagnosis and monitoring of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS). The iUFlow solution includes two components. So patients can capture all their voiding activities at home. And then, send a comprehensive clinical report to their clinician.

Wireless and disposable home Uroflowmeter

iUFlow is a Uroflow for home use. It uses sensors to objectively measure bladder behavior during a prescribed interval. For instance: Volume, Qmax, flow rates and frequency of a patient’s voiding activities. In other words, an easy Uroflowmetry or urine flow rate test at home.

iUFlow device | Bladder diary and Uroflowmetry
Voiding diary app

Bladder diary app

iUFlow Voiding Diary pairs with the iUFlow Uroflowmeter to capture patient’s inputs and voiding activities. The comprehensive bladder diary can easily be shared with physicians. The app is free and supported on both Android® and Apple® platforms. Above all, Physical therapists and Urologists get real-time data on their patients’ progress in iUFlow Dashboard.

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Wireless Home Bladder Monitoring

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iUFlow uroflow and voiding diary
iUFlow FSA Eligible


95% accuracy for volume and flow rate


Improve patient compliance


Reduce time at appointments

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