How to utilize iUFlow Home Uroflow in private clinic? Webinar

Remote diagnosis and management of patients with Overactive bladder (OAB)

How to utilize iUFlow Home Uroflow?

Learn how a busy Sydney clinic is utilising a remote bladder monitoring platform (iUFlow home Uroflowmeter) for diagnosing and managing patients with overactive bladder. The webinar will show what iUFlow is, how it’s being used by Dr Danielle Delaney and how it can improve clinical care.

Dr Delaney specializes in General Urology including Functional Urology,
Stones, Endoscopic surgery, Urodynamics and Paediatric Urology.
North Shore Private Hospital, Castlecrag Private Hospital.

Dr. Delaney 6 Carter St, Cammeray NSW 2062
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Learn about the remote management platform,
and how PT and Urologists get real-time data on their patients’ progress.

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How to Utilize iUFlow Home Uroflow?

iUFlow Uroflowmeter and Bladder Diary app recommended by Physical Therapists

Any condition associated with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) needs a Bladder Diary.

Any condition associated with lower urinary tract symptoms needs a bladder diary. What I’ve found with the iUFlow is that: normally, where compliance with the bladder diary is less than 50%. And that’s less than 50% of people actually even make any attempt.

Less than 10% would actually do an accurate Bladder Diary

But you know, I’d say, probably really less than 10% would actually do an accurate Bladder Diary in terms of everything they’ve drunk and everything they’ve peed in a 72-hour period. With iUFlow, I’m finding the compliance rate, for at least voided volumes is well over 50%. Like it’s probably close to 90% and then a lot of them are putting in all their fluids and their bowel function. So I’m finding that the accuracy of the data we’re getting is so much better. The patients find it really, really, easy to use. Because they don’t need to measure anything. They don’t really need to clean anything. And from my point of view, the reliability of the data and the compliance is much better.

I use it as a diagnostic tool

I use it for a lot of feedback as a diagnostic tool. It really improves diagnosis. Because we’re also getting them to void in their normal situation. So we’re getting a lot of that artifact that trying to get patients set up for a flow in the office. You know how they come in with a full bladder, and they’re not too urgent that the flow machine is actually ready for them to go at the right time. So we really get, superb quality data. We get the quantitative assessment of the volume and flow. And so I really think it gives me accuracy of diagnosis.

The amount of data you get over a week, might seem excessive initially. But once you get used to reading the report, really you can read it in less than a minute. And get a great picture of what’s going on.

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How to utilize iUFlow Home Uroflow in your practice?

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