Here’s a poem about urine flow measurement and its benefits for boys aged 5-8 years old:

Oh, the joy of measuring pee, It’s a fun and useful activity, For boys aged 5 to 8, you see, It helps them stay healthy and free.

Urine flow measurement is so neat, It helps us know what’s going on beneath, In the bladder and the urinary treat, It’s an important part of health and beat.

With a special device, they’ll stand, And pour their pee into the contraption’s hand, It measures the flow with a simple command, And helps the doctor understand.

It’s a quick and painless test, And it gives us peace of mind at its best, It helps us know if everything’s okay, And if we need to make any changes today.

So next time you go for a pee, Think about measuring it, just you wait and see, It’s a fun and useful activity, For boys aged 5 to 8, it’s truly a glee!

Urine Flow Measurement, What a Treat It’s a great way to measure the need For boys aged 5 to 8 years old It helps to keep them feeling bold It helps to monitor just how much The kidneys are able to flush It can detect any blockage too Making sure the urine can flow through It can also tell if there is infection And any other abnormalities detected So if your little one is feeling some pain Urine flow measurement is a great way to gain Some reassurance that all will be well And that their urinary health is swell So when it comes to boys aged 5 to 8 Urine flow measurement’s the way to go!

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