Yes, a complete Voiding Diary is necessary.

A complete Voiding Diary is needed. Go Digital it’s 2021.

We can assist on everything needed to Go Digital

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iUFlow complete Voiding Diary provides

  • Hands free and complete bladder diary
  • Multiple Flow rate tests (Uroflows)
  • Empower and motivate your patients to monitor and take charge of their health situation
  • Improve diagnosis and treatment with real-time objective data
  • Saves time and money

Learn about the remote management platform.
and how Urologists get real-time data on their patients’ progress.

Get iUFlow – Wireless and disposable Uroflowmeter

What is iUFlow? Do my patients need one?

iUFlow is a Uroflowmeter for home use. It uses built-in sensors to easily and objectively measure volume, flow rates and frequency of a patient’s voiding activities – during a prescribed interval. In other words, an easy urine Uroflowmetry test at home.
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iUFlow device l

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