Voiding Diary Analysis – Top tips and Guidelines

FVC analysis – continence assessment

Voiding Diary Analysis: As we all know, a 72-hour frequency volume chart (FVC) is a basic source and an important part of a continence assessment. FVC insights:

Bladder diary form to analyze

Bladder diary example

In order to get an objective picture, a three-day voiding diary is an important part of a continence diagnosis. From both the patient and doctor sides, the best is to complete one prior to the assessment. Like that, the doctor can examine the information in conjunction with the rest of the visit. What should I record in order to get a voiding diary analysis? Should I bring anything else to the meeting?

OK. What should I record?

  • On each day: the time you wake up. Similarly, the time you go to bed.
  • Measure each void. Write it down in ml or oz, recorded on the chart to the nearest hour
  • Mention the degree of urgency for each void (0 – 3: while, 0 = no urgency, 3 = very urgent)
  • Record of all wet events and degree of wetness. For example: dry, damp/dribble, wet/stream, soaked/flood or by pad weighing.
  • What you were doing when you leak
  • Record of pad/underwear alterations

Drinks and voiding

To clarify, what information needed for the fluid intake part of the form?

  • Volume of drink (how much the drinking glass holds ml)
  • Type of beverage
  • Time

Yes, leakage and Urgency scores are important. When the diagnosis is for overactive bladder, repeated voiding diary tell us a lot about the bladder behavior. Certainly, when compared.

Pad weighing, optional?

24 hour pad weighing. It is usually undertaken in care homes or in patient’s home. Pad weighing is optional and can be undertaken as part of the diary. While, 1g weight is equivalent to 1ml urine. Pad weighs are done using a 24-hour pad collection. Where all pads used in a 24-hour period are collected and weighed. Urine volume (in ml) = weight of wet pad (in grams) – weight of dry pad (in grams) Similarly.

In conclusion, what to do:

To sum up, print the bladder diary. Or download the iUFlow app, or any other Bladder diary app. Fill out:

  • Total drink volume
  • Total voiding volume
  • Frequency of urination
  • Likewise, Frequency of night (nocturia) episodes
  • Calculate: average daily urination volume
  • Likewise, calculate: Average daily urgency score

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Based on : Gilbert R. Fluid intake and bladder and bowel function. Nursing Times.

Many suffer from incontinence but not aware of the solutions for it. Treating incontinence starts with fully understand the nature of the problem. In other words, reliable diagnosis. Learn more on tracking your bladder habits with iUFlow voiding diary app.

Also, consider home Urine flow test for more diagnostic insights.

A modern bladder diary app can help to monitor BPH, obstruction or other prostate related symptoms.

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