Weak Urine Flow? a sign of BPH for men, or Cystocele? Better approach

Slow starting or problems with keeping a steady flow stream affect women and men.

The common cause of weak urine flow in men is BPH. BPH is Benign prostatic hyperplasia. In many cases, weak stream is a symptom of a bladder that isn’t emptying normally. In the case of BPH, the enlarged prostate causing a partial block of the tube that carries urine out of the penis (the Urethra). A ‘slow’ Uroflowmetry chart (Qmax) is commonly a clear sign. It is a visualization of a weak urine flow rate.

Weak urine flow ratelow Qmax
Slow urination low Qmax

Weak Urine Flow, slow flow rate? Let’s talk about that

Unstressed muscles can cause the bladder to not fully discharge. Suffering from a disease related to the nervous system? For example: Parkinson’s or MS (Multiple Sclerosis) the risk is higher for bladder and urination issues.

iUFlow BPH description

Bladder Prolapse

For women, bladder prolapse, or cystocele, is the main cause for urination flow issues. The bladder leaks and bulges through the pelvic floor muscles into the vagina.

Other bladder related situations can point to incontinence, overactive bladder (OAB), UTI and kidney malfunctioning.

If you’re suffering from symptoms like: painful urination, cloudy urine or blood in your urine > these are clearly a sign to call for help.

Your Urologist or Physical therapist in clinic will likely be interested to get objective data about your bladder behavior – in the form of a bladder diary and Uroflow test. With the iUFlow device and app, you can come prepared and provide both accurately. This can make the diagnosis process to be much shorter and more precise.

iUFlow Urge Leakeage
Urination – difficulty with flow

Why is my urine stream not as strong?

Go with the Flow:

Check out the iUFlow app and get an iUFlow PRO urine flow monitoring device

iUFlow app
  1. Track your bladder with the iUFlow app and iUFlow PRO urine flow monitoring device.
  2. Be active. Physical activity can prevent you from retaining urine.
  3. Kegel exercises.

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