Practical tips for when you’re Simply Busting | Urge / Incontinence

Practical tips for when you’re Simply Busting. VCRC have just released a list of practical tips. How to calm down your bladder, for the moments when you’re desperate to find the toilet. When it’s just too far away.

These six urge suppression tips could also be useful for training your bladder to hold more urine.

Together with the iUFlow app, you can monitor your improvement and examine the quality of the treatment.

For the full VCRC tips in a PDF format, click here.

Continence Victoria Resource Centre iUFlow link

By installing our free Incontinence tracker, almost every smartphone is able to monitor your wee and bladder behavior with the iUFlow Voiding diary app and iUFlow Uroflowmeter device.

Incontinence is a friend? Learn more at VCRC and read the top tips for when you’re Simply Busting.

Practical tips for when you’re Simply Busting? But what is iUFlow?

Read what is iUFlow and if suffering from urge or incontinence, learn if you should consider getting a urine flow rate test and bladder monitoring.

Do I need a Bladder diary app?

What is the iUFlow Uroflow?

iUFlow Uroflow is a connected health platform. In short, it assists physicians with the accurate diagnosis and monitoring of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS). The iUFlow solution includes two components. So patients can capture all their voiding activities at home. And then, send a comprehensive clinical report to their clinician.

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