What’s new in the digital health arena in Australia and why it matters

September, 2016
Published by Gil Hidas, CEO of iUFLow

The Netherlands-based lighting company, Royal Philips, announced the global availability of wearable technologies, the first in a series of personal health programs. But Australian company, CliniCloud, is already in the market with a digital thermometer and stethoscope connected to the cloud.
Aussie company, CliniCloud outguns Philips’ new wearable technology range.
Philips is working with management consulting firm, Accenture, to “empower consumers to take greater control of their health.” The medical-grade health monitoring devices — a health watch, connected scale, blood pressure monitor and thermometer — and a fully integrated companion HealthSuite Health App became available on August 1.

In my opinion, CliniCloud are ahead of the curve

  • Connected app – tick
  • Thermometer – tick
  • Stethoscope –  tick
  • Integration with Doctor On Demand telehealth – big tick.
  • Stethoscope –  tick
    Global competition for Aussie innovator
  • Integration with Doctor On Demand telehealth – big tick.


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