Bladder Health and Digital Health do go together. iUFlow Easy – Automated – Exact “Hands-Free” Bladder Monitoring device. A simple device, placed on the toilet bowl and measures urinary frequency, volume and flow over a period of 24,48,72 hours. The iUFlow provides invaluable data to your urologists to assist her with the diagnosis of lower urinary tract symptoms such as frequency, urgency, incontinence and nocturia. Urinary dysfunction accounts for >50% visits to urology clinics Bladder function measurement and monitoring are standard of care in the process to diagnose and determine the treatment protocol for urinary dysfunction(s) –iUFlow is a “hands free” tool for objectively [and exactly] measuring, recording and transmitting patient sample data iUFlow offers simple, seamless bladder function measurement and monitoring , along with an integrated “app” that tracks and transmits patient data to a patients electronic medical record iUFlow will save time and money for both providers and patients

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